Rebekah Topless At The Beach

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It seems like today is her last day at the beach and she wants to make the most of it. She decided to do all the things that she didn’t have time to do in the last week. So after spending the day shopping and visiting the entire beach, in the afternoon, she spotted a nice place, where it will be quiet and no one would bother her. Here she took off her bra, and reveal her beautiful, big breasts. She will get her sun lotion and start applying it all over her naked boobs. Watch how she starts massaging those huge juggs, pouring that white cream all over and starting to move her hands all over, caressing and getting all naughty and hot. That was our show for today, hope you all enjoyed this great scene that Rebekah has put on and we’ll see you all again next week, when we’ll bring you more, new hot materials just for you. Until then, you can visit the site and see a slutty blonde sucking and riding big dicks!rebekah-topless

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